Western Geospatial Lab

Aranya Iyer (2022) MSc, Using high-resolution geospatial datasets to investigate the role of geomagnetic cues during long-distance bird migration

Ben Klar (2022) MSc, Understanding changes to human mobility patterns in Ontario, Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic

David Lui (2022) MSc, Motor Vehicle Collisions in London, Ontario: Estimating the influence of the built environment and children’s potential exposure

Miranda Postma (2022) BSc, Dynamically mapping human mobility changes during the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada

Caitlyn North (2022) BSc, Spatial analysis of place and well-being in the United Kingdom

Jack McIlraith (2021) MSc, Social structure and cohesiveness of GPS tracked wild pigs in the southeastern United States

Rhiannon Kirton (2021) MSc, Using spatial methods to analyse anthropogenic predation risk
and movement ecology of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

William Oliva (2020) Undergraduate RA

Chang Ren (2020) Visiting PhD Student, Wuhan University

St Andrews (previous institution)

Beate Zein (2022) PhD, Geomagnetic navigation in migratory birds (co-supervised with U. Demsar)

Sebastijan Sekulic (2022) PhD, Geographically weighted methods for spatial flow networks (co-supervised with U. Demsar)

Solene Marion (2021) PhD, Impacts of human activity on red deer spatial behaviour in the Scottish uplands (co-supervised with U. Demsar)

Noor Saeed (2019) PhD, Assessing the role of geographical access to health-care in colorectal cancer diagnosis and survival in Scotland (co-supervised with Z. Feng)

Valeria Toledo Gallegos (2018) PhD, Investigating preference heterogeneity for restoring estuarine ecosystem
services (co-supervised with N. Hanley)

Vanessa Brum Bastos (2018) PhD, New Methods and Applications for Context Aware Movement Analysis
(CAMA) (co-supervised with U. Demsar)

Sierra Marantz (2015) MSc, Impacts of human predation risk on deer home range and movement: A
study of white-tailed deer in Oklahoma during hunting season