GIScience @Western

The Department of Geography & Environment at Western University offers an Honours and Major (BA or BSc) in Geographical Information Science, and a newly developed Certificate in Geographical Information Science. We offer a variety of courses related to GIS and remote sensing.

We are an ESRI Canada Center of Excellence, and Dr Long is currently the director of this programme.

Courses Taught by Dr Long:

GEOG3210: Geocomputation
(Offered AY2022/23, FALL)

An introduction to multivariate statistics and data analysis using computational methods; reproducibility in data analysis, data presentation, exploratory data analysis, and data mining for Geography.

GEOG3222: Geographical Information Science II 
(Offered AY2022/23, WINTER)

Methods and techniques in Geographic Information Science. Spatial data encoding from maps and geographic database implementation. Spatial interpolation and other modeling techniques. Integration of remote sensing, GIS and Visualization. Hands-on experience using ESRI, ArcGIS software.

GEOG3224: Spatial Ecology & GIS 
(Offered AY2022/23, WINTER)

GIS methods for analyzing environmental and ecological data. Emphasis is placed on quantifying and interpreting spatial patterns in data collected on plants and wildlife. The course will exploreissues associated with scale, networks, disturbance, and feedback. Topics covered include habitat fragmentation, protected areas, wildlife tracking, home ranges, and species distributions.

GEOG9113: Geographical Data Analysis 
(Offered AY2022/23, FALL)

This course will expose students to modern techniques for processing and analyzing geospatial data using computational and statistical methods. We will explore ideas related to 'big data;, 'machine learning', 'data mining', and 'data science'. Students will develop skills in computer programming, data handling, statistics, and geographical data analysis.

map of census data

GIS software

wildlife tracking data