Geospatial Lab

Our lab's research focuses on the computational aspects of movement analysis. Specifically, we study both wildlife and human applications of movement analysis. We also are active users and developers of spatial and space-time analysis methods in free and open-source software. Geospatial Lab students work on a variety of projects in the areas of spatial ecology, spatial analysis methods, spatial accessibility, human mobility, and and human-wildlife interaction. We collaborate with researchers from across the globe, and work on a number of projects that span these research interests.


Our team has a broad set of research interests and projecttopics, but generally speaking the common theme is that we are all interested in GIS, spatial analysis, and the study of movement.

We are always looking for highly motivated students with expertise in GIS and spatial analysis, please check out the opportunities page for more information.

If you need to get in touch with us, please email Dr Long.

email: jed.long AT

tweet: @jedalong