Student Opportunities

We are always interested in recruiting talented and engaged students (all levels) to join the Geospatial lab. Fully funded positions (~30k/year MSc, ~32k/year PhD) are  available for domestic (Canadian) students, and our department will strongly support further scholarship (e.g., SSHRC, NSERC, OGS) applications. Domestic applicants are  encouraged to contact me about positions in the winter months (Nov-Mar) prior to the September start-date to as this is when I try to fill most positions. International students are welcome to apply, especially if they have access to scholarships from their home country, and are required to go through an internal department competition for international student positions. I support a maximum of 1 international applicant to our departmental competition in any year (deadline for application to internal competition is late January, please get in touch in Nov-Dec of the previous year).

I expect all interested students students to have strong quantitative skills (e.g., statistics, GIS, spatial analysis) along with an ability to code (i.e., R or Python).

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate studies (MSc or PhD) in the Geospatial lab, please send me an email with a copy of your CV, unofficial transcripts (or list of relevant courses), and a sample of your written work (Project/Thesis). All graduate positions remain open until filled.

Postdoctoral Award

I am looking for highly motivated researchers to apply to Western's Internal Postdoctoral Award in Social Science in the area of data fusion methods for movement ecology and/or human mobility applications. Interested applicants should send me an email including your CV and a brief (1-2 paragraph statement) of research interests before July 22, 2022. Together we can build your application by the due date of August 30, 2022. I will support up to one (1) applicant in any given year.