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*NEW PAPER* Activity graphs for analysing WorkAndHome data!

Geospatial Lab team part of huge Western Geography contingent at ESRI conference!

Geospatial Lab team win three (!) student presentation awards at SKI Conference!

*NEW PAPER* by Ben on modelling accessibility changes associated with public transit!


CONGRATULATIONS DAVID!!! Successful MSc Defence on October 4!

CONGRATULATIONS BEN!!! Successful MSc Defence on September 28!

CONGRATULATIONS ARANYA!!! Successful MSc Defence on September 19!

CONGRATULATIONS BEATE!!! Who defended her PhD Thesis on September 6!

*NEW PAPER* by Karim @WLU on computer vision models for spatial pattern comparison!

Congratulations Aranya for winning the Pleva TA award in Geography & Environment!

*NEW PAPER* by Beate studying geomagnetic navigation using satellite data!

*NEW PAPER* by Solene on red deer response to livestock in a recreational lansdscape!

Aranya featured in Western News for organizing FREED workshop.

Aranya on CBC London talking about seasonal bird migration at Point Pelee

Milad has joined the City of London Integrated Transportation Community Advisory Committee.

*NEW PAPER* by Solene on red deer response to hiking activity

WORKANDHOME featured in CORDIS research blog

Congratulations to Milad on completing the PhD comprehensive exam and proposal!

ECCE Blog by Ben on GWR maps


R Package Workshop at WLU as part of CRRC Conference

Jed gives keynote at HANIMOB'21 Conference

*NEW PAPER* Effect of regionally targetted lockdowns on inter-regional flows

*NEW PAPER* Mobility patterns in Ontario, during COVID-19

*NEW PAPER* by Beate! models for studying geomagnetic migration

*NEW PAPER* new contact analysis methods for wildlifeDI R package

Congratulations to Jack for defending his MSc!

NEW PAPER: reviewing methods for analysing context alongside movement in IJGIS

Congratulations to Ben and Aranya on successful external awards from SSHRC and OGS!

NEW PAPER: Valeria's work on spatial clustering of WTP for ecosystem services

NEW PAPER: published in IJGIS on establishing an integrated science of movement

Ben completes ESRI ECCE blog on COVID-19 Mobility Dashboard

NEW PAPER: Chang’s work on mapping 3D transportation structures from trajectory data

NEW PAPER: Integrated Science of Movement

NEW PAPER: Locating creativity in cities using Twitter data


Rhiannon writes blog for RSB about #BlackBirdersWeek

New paper with Jed out in Transactions in GIS looking at asynchronous spatial-temporal interactions in wildlife tracking data

Jack writes ECCE blog on App Challenge

Geospatial Lab Catalyst Grant to study mobility indicators in response to COVID-19

Jack, Rhiannon, and Chang present at the ESRI GIS in Higher Education and Research Conference

New paper by Solene reviewing methods for studying human-wildlife interactions in terrestrial systems


Jack's blog post for Western's ESRI Canada Centre of Excellence

GIS Day Festivities at Western, submit your Lightning Talks

New paper by Jed incorporating hard and soft barriers into models for estimating wildlife utilization distributions.